Interview of Hezbollah Secretary General, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, on April 2, 2016, devoted to the memory of Sheikh Bahjat.


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[…]  A few months before the 33-days war, one of our brothers, a theology student in Qom (Iran) came –I forgot whether he informed me in person or told a brother who then informed me– and informed me that His Eminence Sheikh Bahjat –may God protect him, as we used to say then; now, we say may God Sanctify him– henceforth enjoined me to recite this invocation: ‘O my God, protect me with your invincible shield behind which You place whoever You want’. (I had to recite it every single day), three times in the morning and three times in the evening. I asked him if there was a particular reason for that, and he replied that he knew nothing and had only been instructed to convey this reminder (taught by the Prophet) to me.

Of course, the content of the invocation indicates a security aspect, attention, protection, vigilance. And it is known that our conditions in Lebanon are very difficult because of security threats and the omnipresent possibility of an assassination, as it happened to our brothers in the past, and as it happened to our own (previous) Secretary General, Sayed Abbas Mousawi, who was martyred (murdered by Israel) with his wife and (5-years-old) son (in 1992). It is natural that one always feels in danger. But in this context, I told myself that something was going to happen, and my mind went to the security aspect and the possibility of an assassination, an attack (against me) or something like that. 
But a few months later, the war broke out. And during the war, the Israelis, from the first day, tried by all means to locate me and hit massively any place where my presence was supposed. And then I understood that this invocation was meant to protect and safeguard me during the war, not before it. […]