Interview of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on September 3, 2012, by Al-Mayadeen TV channel.


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“Where is Sheikh Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, who Israel vowed to kill? In a Hermel bunker, a region in northern Lebanon, bordering Syria, according to Israeli military sources. […] As soon as the Israeli strikes started, the leaders of the Shiite movement ‘buried’ themselves.” Sheikh Nasrallah hidden in a bunker, Le Figaro, July 20, 2006.


Hassan Nasrallah: […] (About) the constant Israeli claims that we would be disoriented, anxious, lost, I ask you a question, since you have a personal experience with us. During the 2006 War, you visited me in the southern suburb of Beirut (Dahiyeh, main stronghold of Hezbollah largely destroyed by Israel)…

Ghassan bin Jiddo: Your Eminence, you just revealed (for the 1st time) that it took place in the southern suburb of Beirut…

Hassan Nasrallah: Never mind. We met in the southern suburb of Beirut. We certainly had compelled you to keep it a secret, but as for me, nothing prevents me from revealing it. We met in the southern suburb of Beirut. The whole world was mostly against us. Today, at least, there are Russia, China, India, South Africa, the BRICS or MRICS countries or whatever… There is a different Axis (opposed to the United States’). (But then), the world, the international community, the Security Council, the industrialized countries, the G20… All these groups (were opposed to us) and issued statements (condemning us). Similarly, much of the Arab world and a (substantial) part of the internal forces in Lebanon (were against us).

Ghassan bin Jiddo: You described them as those who took part in the plot (against the Resistance).

Hassan Nasrallah: Yes. And the Israeli air force destroyed everything. Our masses were in exodus, our homes and centers were destroyed, and we were engaged in fierce battles. I want to call upon you as a witness for the viewers. Were we worried? Our interview was filmed and is available. So they can see exactly (in what state of mind) we were during those (crucial) moments. I do not speak (about our situation) after the war, I speak about the heart of the war. Were I or Hezbollah worried, confused, scared, lost, clueless? Never. We were perfectly serene and lucid. Our duty, our attitude, our position and what we would achieve were very clear to us. We did not have the slightest doubt that we would come out of this war victorious and head high. And we promised it to the people, we swore it to ourselves, etc., of course, always relying on God Almighty and Exalted.

And today it’s the same. Today, our situation is much better than during the 2006 war. If someone wants to analyze the current situation, local, regional and international, the current state of the Axes, alliances and divisions, he will see that our situation is much better than during the July 2006 war. If, during those (2006) days, we were neither concerned nor lost or disoriented, why would we be so today?

Ghassan bin Jiddo: Perhaps because of the situation in Syria, we’ll talk about later, but… I compelled myself for 6 years not to ever talk about this in any way whatsoever, but since you revealed everything, I will say this: much was said at the time, and many said that I had been drugged, kidnapped and put in a trunk, that I had no idea (of where the interview took place). But I say that it was the easiest and simplest roadtrip of all, Eminent Sayed. Even during my previous visits, (safety measures were more severe). And I even recognized the place.

Secondly, it was said that this interview was held at the 3rd or 4th basement, but we can now reveal that it took place on the 6th floor of a building. There was no problem (no fear).

Hassan Nasrallah: Now you can be quiet and reveal everything [Laughs].

Ghassan bin Jiddo: These elements are enough. And third, even the brothers responsible (for your safety), I remember very well, came in and said, “Listen, you know the situation, I beg you, at most, half an hour (of interview).But when you came in, I told you I was told half an hour (maximum), but you answered: Take all the time you want.And our conversation lasted an hour and a half. And there are other details that I do not want to talk about now.

Eminent Sayed, you just said that there is no crisis on this issue, but…

Hassan Nasrallah: Let me also clarify something, or add a message, addressed to all our friends and all those who love us, and also to our enemies and adversaries, and all those who bet, those who rely (on our defeat) if they are adversaries, and all those who love us if they are worried (for us): I assure them that contrary (to what Israel claims), we are calm, assured, confident, and we see… I am not talking of divination (about the Invisible) or anything like that. Based on an objective analysis of what is happening in the world, on the economic, political, security and military situation, on the current alliances, trade and Axes, and based on what happens in the region, its organization and developments and on the events that take place, as well as the events in Syria, Lebanon, North Africa and throughout the region, on the contrary, our analysis and vision are extremely optimistic.

Maybe some will wonder how it’s possible, but that’s exactly what they said during the first days of the 2006 war (they said that we were doomed). But if we read (the situation carefully, we come to the same conclusions). Because what happened during the 2006 war… I’m not going to call upon you as a witness, I will call upon the politicians at the table of the Lebanese national dialogue. The scenario of the battle that occurred during the July 2006 war, I had exposed it to the Lebanese at the dialogue table, explaining that in case of war with Israel, such were their weaknesses and strengths, such were our weaknesses and strengths, how we could work it out, and how we could win the war. I was not basing myself on the Invisible or on the analysis of dreams.

We are very optimistic, reassured, serene and confident. Of course, a fundamental part of (this belief) is based on our faith, our doctrine and our trust in God Almighty and Exalted. But God Almighty and Exalted also enjoined us to mobilize all the material resources required and prepare ourselves to achieve our goals (Quran, 8, 60). With the assets and capabilities we have, with our analysis, objectively, without any desire to intimidate or scare (it is not psychological warfare), without any exaggeration, rashness or empty promises, in the light of our analysis, we assure you (that everything is fine and that we will be victorious). […]