Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General Sayed Hassan Nasrallah on February 16, 2015, on the occasion of the commemoration of Hezbollah’s martyred cadres: Sheikh Ragheb Harb (1952-1984); Sayed Abbas Moussaoui (1952-1992); Hajj Imad Moughniyeh (1962-2008)
This subtitled extract and two others caused my whole channel Sayed Hasan to be deleted by Youtube (Google) on the pretext of a violation of the rules concerning violent and graphic content. Upcoming article on this topic.

In this excerpt, Sayed Hassan Nasrallah denounces once again the danger posed by ISIS for the security and stability of the Middle East and the world, with the exception of Israel, which is the first beneficiary. For the first time, he denounces the hand of the Israeli and American secret services behind the terrorist and takfiri movements and the duplicity of the international coalition against ISIS. Hassan Nasrallah identifies in the very barbarity of terrorists a culture of Western inspiration, foreign to the history and morals of the East and Islam. Like Hezbollah’s involvement, he urges all Middle Eastern countries to take the initiative in the confrontation against ISIS in order to preserve their peoples, their countries, the holy cities of Islam and Islam itself, directly endangered by the horrors that are perpetrated in its name.


[…] Well, let’s now briefly talk about the regional situation.
Such is the current situation in the region – putting aside the Israeli threat, because we are talking about new developments and we are not going to remind the old ones: a great danger has submerged new lands and battlefields, namely the threat represented by the takfiri movement whose main denomination is now “ISIS” (ISIS, the so-called “Islamic State”). Well, in the past, we have said that this danger does not just threaten some governments, but all governments. It does not threaten just a few political regimes, but all regimes, all entities, all peoples, all armies. It is not a threat only to religious, sectarian or ethnic minorities, but a threat to ALL. Moreover, we declared from the beginning that this was a threat to Islam, Islam as a religion, as a Message. Since then, all the events that have occurred confirm this vision we had been talking about from the beginning.
Today, the whole world recognizes it. Everyone recognizes that indeed, this takfiri movement and its spearhead “ISIS” now represent a threat to the security of the region and the security of the entire world. Is there anyone in the world still debating this?
Yes! Only Israel does not consider it a danger or a threat. A few days ago, I saw that Israeli War Minister [Moshe] Ya’alon went to the Golan for an inspection and said that ISIS does not represent a threat, that it does not represent a danger (for Israel). Very good. The Al-Nusra Front does not represent a threat, it is not a danger (for Israel). Excellent! At present, there is no one but Israel who considers that ISIS and Al-Nosra do not represent a danger. Today, all the other countries in the world – if only at the level of appearances –, all the countries of the world consider ISIS (we will speak later about Al-Nosra) as a danger and a threat to the security of the region and the security of the whole world. And Israel is perfectly right to consider that they are not a danger to them, because everything ISIS has done so far, and all that they continue to do, serves 100% Israel’s interests, whether ISIS knows it or not.
Well, what’s going on? New frontlines are open, we see new manifestations of barbarism and crime… They imported them straight from Hollywood and I do not know where… The way the captive Jordanian pilot Moaz al -Kasasbeh was burned alive is horrible. The manner in which the defenseless and oppressed Egyptian workers who were seen on TV screens were beheaded is abject and abominable. The beheadings of hostages we are witnessing… Then they opened new frontlines and set themselves new goals.
ISIS has nothing to do with Palestine! They have nothing to do with the House of Sanctities (Al-Quds/Jerusalem)! That’s why [Moshe] Ya’alon says they are not a problem. The real goal of ISIS is Mecca and Medina. Let the brothers of Saudi Arabia calm down a little and think well. The goal is Mecca and Medina. And today I saw the news – I mention it to be precise, because I do not know if they announced today this new allegiance, or if they speak of an older statement, I express myself with caution. But what I heard is that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the Caliph of ISIS, appointed an Emir for Mecca and an Emir for Medina. The goal is Mecca, and the goal is Medina. This is not the House of Sanctities (Al-Quds/Jerusalem). Why? Because for the caliphate of ISIS, the caliphate cannot be valid without the two Holy Places. It is towards this battle that we are moving.

Well, those who beheaded Coptic Egyptian workers in Libya, what did they say? “Our goal is Rome!” You are very far away, man! You are straying! At least, Mecca and Medina are quite close to here… You are astray. By God, they claim that they will go to Mecca and Medina, and from there they will come to Jordan and arrive in Palestine. Oh brother! Are you heading to Rome? Towards Rome! What are these (nonsensical) wars, what are these frontlines? Who do they work for? In whose interests are they fighting?
And now, for the first time, I dare to declare it strongly: seek (the hand of) the Israeli Mossad. Look for the (hand of the) CIA. Search for (the hand of) British secret services. In the past, we did not want to talk about conspiracies, but now I tell you that yes, we must look for (their hands)! Everything that serves the power of Israel and the domination of Israel over the region, all that serves the power and dominance of America over the region, ISIS realizes it, and the takfiri current realizes it.
They go so far as to provoke Europe. Imagine that in Italy, a few days ago, the Minister of Defense declared that Italy was ready to lead an international coalition to fight terrorism in Libya. And here, parenthetically, I will talk about the internal situation in Lebanon.
Dear Madam [Roberta Pinotti], why do you want to lead an international offensive to fight terrorism in Libya? The Defense Minister responds – I hope I’m not mistaken and she’s the Minister of Defense – and she responds that it’s because terrorism – listen well, and I hope that the 14 March [political opponents of Hezbollah denouncing their intervention in Syria] will listen – she replies that it is because terrorism is now 350 kilometers away from the Italian border… Only for that! 350 kilometers! And this lady… and Italy, this country coming from a great civilization, the European Union and whoever else are wondering how they can conduct a military operation in Libya because terrorism is now at a distance of 350 kilometers (from their borders)!
And as for us (Lebanon), where is terrorism? North of the country. And in Al-Qusayr (Northeast). And in Qalamoun (East). And in the plains (South). Not to mention car bombs (sent to the heart of Lebanon). And you (14 March) you lecture us on justice, duties, the true, the false [because of our intervention in Syria]?!… But the whole world is thus and acts the same [to protect itself from terrorism]. Never mind…
Well, in facing this reality that I am not exaggerating, no, because there is a true and real danger… Well, it started in Syria, then ended up in Syria and Iraq, and now in Libya… Now in Sinai too, it is said that the group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis has pledged allegiance to ISIS or not… There are still other places: today Tunisia is in a state of maximum alert… In Yemen, al-Qaeda and some of its factions who have pledged allegiance to ISIS and his caliph are advancing and occupying military bases in the southern provinces of Yemen… There is a real threat, there are massacres, deaths…
O my brother, these are not movies! They transform reality into films… It’s an absolute certainty, yes, these groups are inspired by Hollywood, by its mentality, its spirit, its barbarity … All that is the culture of Hollywood! What is Hollywood culture? If not massacres and murders?! Does all this come from us? From the East, Islam, Christianity, Prophets? Caliphs, Companions, Family of the Prophet? Certainly not, may God preserve us from such ideas! What is the obvious origin of all this? Where has everything that we see on the screens before us ever been shaped?

Well, facing this peril that threatens everyone, we invite the peoples and regimes of the region to act together to confront this dangerous and considerable terrorist takfiri threat. And we reiterate that we are all capable of defeating this threat and those who control it behind the scenes, be it the Israeli Mossad, the Americans or the British.
O my brothers and sisters, the strategy implemented so far by the international coalition against ISIS is a flawed strategy – this if we give the benefit of the doubt to their intentions. And if we do not give them that, we will ask: what proves us that they really want to do away with ISIS? I am very serious. I will come back to this particular point.

That is why the Muslim community (Ummah), the Ummah peoples, the countries of the region, the governments, the scholars, the political parties, the Resistance forces, the armies… All are concerned by this threat that is the largest and most dangerous of all threats except the threat posed by Israel.

That’s why I want to quickly state two or three points.

First point: the ideological, political, media and military struggle against this takfiri movement must be considered as a defense of Islam. It is no longer the defense of an Axis (Resistance Axis), a regime, a country, a sect, a school, minorities, no… They absolutely threaten everyone and they are threatening Islam in the first place.

Every action… – I hope everyone who listens to me and everyone will understand it. Any act of a Muslim who claims Islam but is contrary to human nature can absolutely not be in accordance with Islam. It’s impossible that it comes from Islam. Allah the Exalted says: “Turn your face resolutely towards the Faith, in all sincerity. This is the original nature in which God has shaped humanity.” And this since the beginning of Creation. “The creation of God can not suffer any alteration.” From beginning to end, there is a unique human nature. “This is the right religion.” [Quran, XXX, 30] The right religion is the religion that corresponds to and conforms to this human nature. It is impossible for an act to be Islamic or religious if it is execrated by hearts, intellects, souls, and all humanity despite the diversity of its thoughts, views and dogmatic and political orientations.
Therefore, this battle is conducted in defense of Islam. And I declare to you today with honor and pride that we are, or that we consider ourselves, an actor in this struggle against the takfiri movement, and we consider that we are defending the Islam of (Prophet) Muhammad son of Abdullah, may the peace of God be upon him and his family! We do not defend Shiites or Sunnis, or any particular sect. [Audience: “At thy service, O Nasrallah!”]
Everyone knows that when the battle becomes a battle to defend the religion of God and the Sanctities of God Most High and Exalted, then our sacrifices become limitless, our patience knows no bounds, nor does our endurance and our willingness that become unlimited, as did our Imam and Master Abu Abdillah al-Hussein – peace be upon him – at Karbala (where he sacrificed his life and his beloved ones’ in defense of Islam). [Audience: “At thy service, O Hussein!”]
Secondly – and of course, I declare that we are doing this, but I invite everyone… All Muslims are invited to defend their religion: scholars, authorities, media, writers… It is not just a military battle. O my brother! The most ignoble distortion of a divine religion in the history of mankind is that perpetrated by ISIS today. There is nothing comparable in history.
Secondly, the whole world must say – and if it does not, the countries in the region must at least do so, as well as all those who are aware of this threat and danger – all must tell those countries in the region that continue to support ISIS with arms, money, facilities and even the media – these media apparently do not support ISIS, but if we listen well, they support ISIS, but I do not have time to explain this point. We must tell these countries that the game is over, that’s it. The region, its people and its governments can no longer support this level of crime and barbarity committed in the name of Islam and at the expense of all the peoples of the region.
Thirdly, and this is a very important point: and I will speak frankly about it and by name. We must not lie to ourselves or allow anyone to deceive us by a fake distinction between ISIS and the Al-Nusra Front. I will not go into all the things we said in the past: they have the same composition, the same principles, the same beliefs, the same culture, the same spirit, the same objectives, the same actions… And I hope that someone, any Lebanese or Arab, can one day explain to us what is the difference between the Al-Nusra Front and ISIS, and how can we say that ISIS is composed of terrorists and Al-Nusra of revolutionaries. I hope that someone, especially in Lebanon where some people hold this speech, will be able to explain this to us, whether on television or directly by exchanging with (Hezbollah) brothers. Do not be fooled by this question. It is the same movement whose only organizational dispute was about leaders, but the result is the same. That is why we do have today calls to fight takfiris movements without distinction: that is quite right. This is the healthy position to have.
Jordan, the Jordanian government cannot fight ISIS in Iraq and support the Al-Nusra Front in Syria. Some Gulf countries cannot participate in the international coalition to fight ISIS in Iraq and provide money, weapons, means and facilities to the Al-Nusra Front, that is, the brother, the sister of ISIS that is Front Al-Nosra. How? By what logic (can they justify this)? This movement, which is really such a threat, must be considered as a whole (without false distinctions). […]