Supreme Leader’s Speech in Meeting with People from Different Social Backgrounds – September 9, 2015

Full speech transcript :



[…] This is America. America completely ruled over the country for 25 years. These were the orders that it used to issue to the Shah’s generals. The Americans had the final say in Iran in economic, political and security matters and in the area of foreign policy. This is the complete rule of America during the time of the taghuti regime. Such a regime used to rule over our country. Its officers, its minister of finance, its minister of defense, its prime minister and even the Shah himself obeyed America unquestioningly! Such a regime used to rule over our country.

America ruled over our country like Pharaoh: « Truly Pharaoh elated himself in the land and broke up its people into sections, depressing a group among them. Their sons he slew, but he kept alive their females » [The Holy Quran, 28: 4]. They used to behave like this towards the people, but Musa of the time appeared and overthrew this Pharaoh and his followers. This is what the Revolution did. One year and two months after the event of Shahrivar – that is to say, in Aban of the year 1358 – the youth who followed Imam’s (r.a.) line conquered America’s Den of Espionage. They imprisoned the Americans with their hands tied and their eyes blindfolded. This time, Musa defeated Pharaoh like this. Now, some people ask, « Why do the Americans show hostility towards Iran? » Well, this is the reason. Iran was completely in America’s fist and hands. The entire country moved with the willpower of the Americans, but Imam (r.a.) came and threw America out with the help of the people. Naturally, they should be our enemies and they should show such enmity. In the present time too, they are showing enmity.

Our magnanimous Imam (r.a.) said, « America is the Great Satan. » This phrase is a very meaningful one. The boss of all shaitans in the world is Iblis, but according to the Holy Quran, the only thing that Iblis can do is to tempt human beings and nothing more. He tempts and deceives people, but America kills, imposes sanctions and behaves in a hypocritical way as well as tempting and deceiving. He raises the flag of human rights and claims to support human rights, but ever so often, an innocent and unarmed person rolls in their blood and is murdered by the American police, let alone other crimes and disasters committed by them. 

And this was their behavior in Iran during the time of the taghuti regime: they used to wage wars and create warmongering groups like the ones that are busy committing crimes in Iraq and Syria in the present time. These are the things that America does! Now, some people insist on ornamenting this Great Satan – who has qualities worse than those of Iblis – and on portraying him as an angel. Why do they do that? Even if we exclude religion and revolutionary spirit for a moment, what about loyalty to the interests of the country? What about reason? What reason and what conscience allows one to choose a power like America as one’s trusted friend and as a liberating angel? They are like this. This is the truth of the matter. 

They dress elegantly, they wear a tie, they use perfume and they appear in an elegant manner to deceive naïve individuals. This is the truth behind the regime of America. This is how they behave towards us and they behave in the same manner towards other countries. The great people of Iran threw this Great Satan out of the country. So, we should not allow him to come back. Now that we have thrown him out of the door, we should not allow him come in through the window. We should not let him penetrate because his enmity will not come to an end.

After the JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] and the deal whose fate is still unclear, they are busy hatching plots against Iran in the U.S. Congress. The news that we receive shows that some individuals in the U.S. Congress are busy passing a bill in order to bother and create obstacles for the Islamic Republic. This is their enmity: it will not come to an end.

And these enmities will continue, but until when? Until you become strong, until the people of Iran become so strong that the enemy becomes frustrated with political, security, military and economic invasions, sanctions and the like. We should become strong. We should strengthen ourselves inside the country. I have frequently spoken about how we should gain the strength that is necessary for the country. First, it should be achieved through a strong economy. One of the ways is to work on the economy of resistance whose policies have been announced. It should be implemented in the form of groundwork and a practical plan and it should be pursued as strongly as possible and without wasting any time. Well, our friends in the administration are thankfully carrying out certain tasks. So, one of the ways is to strengthen the economy of the country. The youth of the country should not be jobless and their talents should not remain untapped. This is one of the ways.

Another way is developing science. The caravan of science should not lose its fast speed. We should move forward in the area of science because everything is dependent on it. So, this is another way to strengthen the country.

One of the most important ways to strengthen the country from the inside is to preserve the revolutionary spirit in the people particularly in youth. The enemies are trying to make our youth become decadent and indifferent towards the Revolution and to kill the spirit of valor and being revolutionary in them. This should be resisted. Youth should preserve their spirit of being revolutionary. And the officials of the country should respect revolutionary youth. Some spokespeople and writers should not constantly label hezbollahi and revolutionary youth as extremists and other such names. Revolutionary youth should be respected and encouraged to preserve their revolutionary spirit because it is this spirit that preserves and defends the country and that saves it in the face of different dangers. 

These are the three main factors behind national power: having a strong and resistant economy, enjoying advanced and developing – on a daily basis – science and preserving the revolutionary spirit in all the people particularly in youth. These are the things that can protect the country. If these things are achieved, the enemy will become disappointed. 

America does not even hide its enmity, rather it divides its responsibilities. One of them smiles and another prepares a bill against the Islamic Republic. This is a kind of dividing responsibilities. They pursue something called « negotiations », but negotiations are just an excuse and a tool for penetration. Negotiations are an instrument for imposing their demands. We agreed to negotiate with the Americans only on the nuclear issue because of certain reasons that we have frequently mentioned. Well, our officials did so. Thankfully, our negotiators had a good performance in this arena, but we did not allow them to negotiate with America on other matters. 

We are willing to negotiate with the whole world, but we will not negotiate with America. We are men of negotiation and understanding on a governmental, public – people from other countries – and religious level. We are men of negotiation and we negotiate with everyone except for America. Of course, the Zionist regime should not be forgotten about because the very essence of the existence of the Zionist regime is illegitimate and fake.

I would like to say a few things about the Zionist regime. After the nuclear negotiations were concluded, we heard the Zionists say in occupied Palestine, « With these negotiations, we will not have any concerns about Iran for the next 25 years and after that, we will think about it. » I would like to say to them in response that first, you will not see 25 years from today! By Allah’s favor and grace, nothing called the « Zionist regime » will exist by 25 years from now. Second, during this period of time too, revolutionary, epic, jihadi and Islamic spirit will not let you feel comfort even for one single moment! They should know this. Nations have awakened. They know who the enemy is. Of course, some governments and the enemy’s propaganda want to change the place of friends and enemies, but they will not reach anywhere. Nations – Muslim, particularly regional nations – are vigilant and aware. Well, this is the condition of the Zionist regime and America. […]