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Following a conference in Geneva on June 27, 2018 devoted to “Security, its importance, and the means for its realization and its preservation”, the Imam of Mecca, Sheikh al-Sudais, who had affirmed that Trump and Ben Salmane were leading the world and mankind to a haven of peace and security”, was long questioned by a one-legged Algerian, who eloquently denounced the criminal Saudi policy, aligned with that of Washington & Tel Aviv.
Despite the servile efforts of the promoters to silence him, and especially to prevent anyone from filming the scene, it made the buzz on social networks and Arab media not controlled by the Saud, including Al-Jazeera. Sudais pitifully retreated without making a single reply, except the affirmation, without the least embarrassment, that there was no embargo against Qatar (sic).
While only a few years ago, Muslims, both in the East and in the West, were widely hypnotized by the great Sheikhs of Saudi Arabia, of whom, thanks to the petrodollars, almost every Muslim household had recitations of the Quran, their aura is greatly degraded today, as evidenced by the sparse audience of this conference, and the reactions of solidarity that have manifested themselves on both video and social networks. Henceforth, the Wahhabi Saud are no longer assimilated to Islam, of which they only constitute a heretical and barbaric cult perfectly embodied by ISIS, but to what they have always been, namely an artificial entity created of all pieces and maintained by imperialism (formerly British, now American), a Western Trojan horse in the East, just like Israel.
The forthcoming announcement of the so-called “Deal of the Century”, supposed to definitively liquidate the Palestinian cause, by the triumvirate Trump-Netanyahu-Ben Salman (an archetypal Team of Losers, if ever there was one), will certainly sign the death sentence of the Saud dynasty, already moribund because of its defeat in Yemen and the monumental failure of the American project in Syria. Apart from Washington, Tel-Aviv (and their satellites, agents and mercenaries) and Islamophobes of all stripes, the world can only welcome such a development.
Sayed Hasan