60 minutes‘ TV Show, Rossiya 1, April 5, 2018.

Viktoria Skripal is the niece of Sergei Skripal. She recorded and broadcasted her conversation with her cousin.

Video: unz.com/sayedhasan


Yulia: Hello?

Victoria: Hello?
Yulia: Hello, do you hear me?
Victoria: I do.
Yulia: This is Yulia Skripal.
Victoria: Oh Yul’ka! Dear god this is you! I hear by your voice that this is you, but I can’t get it! Is this, is this, were you given this phone, is that right?
Yulia: Yes, yes, yes.
Victoria: Oh thank heavens… Dear God… Yulyash, you are…. is everything ok with you?
Yulia: Everything is ok, all’s well.
Victoria: Look, if I am granted a visa tomorrow, I’ll fly to see you on Monday.
Yulia: No-one will give you a visa, Vika.
Victoria: Ah well… I was also thinking that. That’s it. Whatever. If they give it, I need you to say whether I can visit you or not, tell them that I can.
Yulia: I think no, now here the situation is… We’ll deal with it later.
Victoria: That’s it, I know, yes, I know everything.
Yulia: Later, yes, we better sort it all later. Everything is good, and then later we’ll see.
Victoria: Is this your phone?
Yulia: No, it’s a temporary one. Everything’s fine, we’ll see, we’ll sort things later. Everything is fine, everything is solvable, everyone is getting better, everyone is alive.
Victoria: Got you. Is your dad ok?
Yulia: Everything is normal, he is resting now, sleeping, everyone’s health is normal, nothing irreversible. I am checking out soon. Everything’s ok.
Viktoria: That’s fine, kisses to you, my little bunny.

Yulia: Yes, see you, bye.