News from Al-Masirah channel, September 19, 2015 (English subtitles)
Translated from French by Jenny Bright
“Gruesome footage coming out of Yemen has shocked the world, yet Saudi Arabia and its allies have only intensified their air raids and now target civilians in their homes right in the middle of Sanaa, a city housing over 3 million Yemenis. When will the world stand in solidarity with the people of Yemen? How can the world sleep with a guilt-free conscience…. knowing that innocent women and children are being massacred in their sleep, buried under the rubble of their own homes. This is Sanaa… these victims are Yemeni children… much like the children you love and care for at home. Please help break the world silence on the genocide of innocent Yemeni civilians whose only crime was to ask for a better life.”
“We are cursed, we are cursed because we have oil and gas. Every country that has natural resources is cursed and a target of Imperialist intervention.” 

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