Address by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Sayed Ali Khamenei, to the Commanders of the police forces April 26, 2015

 In a latest speech to senior officers of the security forces, Sayed Ali Khamenei reminded the duties and prerogatives of the police in a State governed by the Rule of Law. These basic principles are particularly relevant for the Western public, where the police have long been a repression force much more than a protection force, as can be seen in any Amnesty International report: human rights violations, discrimination, police violence, « mistakes » and systemic impunity for the security forces are constants for the USA, Europe and the majority of the so-called « democratic » world. Sayed Ali Khamenei referred in particular to the Baltimore events and the violence and discrimination that are still experienced by Black people in the United States.

It is very interesting to listen to this major world leader uttering resounding and undeniable truths and expose our great moralists, politicians or ignorant journalists, for what they are : as Noam Chomsky put it, they perfectly
embody the hypocrisy as defined in the Gospels, namely to refuse to apply to oneself the standards we apply to others. Thus, the real Axis of Evil can demonize his opponents and stifle their voices, although they have a much greater moral authority than his and represent the largest part of humanity. This applies to all the key issues of today (freedoms, human rights, terrorism, war crimes, etc.). When will we see the end of the Empire of Arrogance and Lies?…


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Another important issue which I have discussed many times is the issue of the power of the Police Force. The Police Force is the manifestation of the authority of the Islamic Republic in establishing security. One of the responsibilities of the Islamic Republic is to establish security in society. As you explained, moral and social security is one of our responsibilities. It is one of the responsibilities of the Islamic Republic and therefore, we cannot abandon it. The Police Force is the manifestation of this security. It is the agent which is in the middle of this arena. Therefore, you should have power. You should be able to act in a powerful way. You should be able to act with decisiveness and authority.

However, an important point in this regard is that showing power should not be confused with showing oppression. You should not confuse power with crossing boundaries and moving forward in an unbridled way. For example, in some countries – such as America – the police is very powerful. They show muscle-bound people on camera who work as police officers and who arrest the people in the middle of the arena. Well, they are powerful, but they kill the innocent. For example, they kill a person by shooting 15, 16 bullets at him with the excuse that he wanted to draw a gun. This power is not an ideal power because it is accompanied by oppression. This is a kind of power which will not lead to security in the end. On the contrary, it will lead to insecurity. In fact, it is the main factor in creating insecurity. And as you have heard, when they go to a court of law, they acquit them.

Unfortunately today as you can witness, these events are many in a world that is indifferent to spiritual values. Now, the funny part is that in America – whose president is a black – many crimes are committed against blacks. They have a celebration on the occasion of abolishing slavery, which was done by a certain president, but they oppress blacks in a very cruel way. Of course, there are certain criticisms about the abolishment of slavery. They say that Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery, but this is not the truth of the matter according to historical research that has been carried out in a careful way. The issue was not the issue of abolishing slavery. Rather, it was the issue of the north and the south. It was the issue of long and deep-rooted wars between the north and south of America. It was a fight between landowners and agriculture, and industry. This was the main source of contention. They did not abolish slavery because of altruistic feelings.

In any case, despite this celebration, blacks are ignored and humiliated. Besides, their lives are in danger as well. Such police power is not what Islam and we want. We do not at all like to give a cinematic and Hollywood-like color to our police work on the streets. We want tasks to be carried out in the real sense of the word. That is to say, we want complete authority and power accompanied by justice, kindness and mercy – in certain cases, power should be accompanied by mercy. This is the manifestation of Islam. On the one hand, the Holy Being is Beneficent and Merciful and on the other hand, He is a Great Punisher. These two things should be considered together. This should spread in the different levels of the pyramid and affect our lives, behavior and affairs. The same thing should be done in the Police Force.

Another matter which in my opinion is very important is observing the law. Observing the law has two aspects: one is in your contact with the people. You should see in which places the law is violated and then you should confront it. Another aspect of observing the law is in the Police Force itself. The members of the Police Force should observe the law inside the organization in the true sense of the word. Observing the law should receive attention there more than anywhere else. Another issue is the moral health of the personnel. During the recent years, I have always offered this advice to former commanders and now too, I would like to stress that the honorable Commander of the Police Force and other police officials should not take lightly the issue of the moral health of the personnel. The moral health of the personnel is very important.

You are different from other military forces. You are among the people and the people are in contact with you. God forbid, any wrongdoing, flaw, problem, misbehavior and wrong measure will immediately be reflected. This is the case for the Police Force more than any other organization. Perhaps there are very few organizations in the country which are in contact with the people as much as you are. Therefore if – God forbid – there is any problem, wrongdoing and treachery, it will immediately spread among the people. When it spreads, it is not only the reputation of the Police Force that will be ruined. Rather, everyone’s reputation will be ruined. As we said, the Police Force is the representative of the Islamic government. It is the representative of the Islamic Republic among the people. This is why you should attach great significance to the moral health of the personnel.

The Police Force can really build the reputation of the Islamic Republic. Even if five, ten organizations do not carry out their duties, but the Police Force acts as a righteous, strong, decisive and efficient force, this will enhance the reputation of the Islamic Republic at a public level. Your performance can be a source of dignity. God forbid, the opposite can happen as well. Therefore, these points – the most important of which is intra-organizational health – should receive attention. This moral health should receive attention because it will affect others outside the organization as well.

Well, the report that the honorable commander delivered contained the fact that spiritual, moral, religious and ideological areas have received attention in the Police Force. This is very good. Attention to those scientific developments and innovations which are related to your work and which emerge in the world on a daily basis is a very essential task and it will improve police work.

You should rely on God the Exalted. You should work for God and fulfill your duties in the right way. If you do so, God the Exalted will bestow blessings on you. He will bestow His blessings on your work and He will turn you into a source of blessing for the Islamic Republic. We will pray for you as well. I hope that God will make all of you successful. I hope that He will enable you to carry out the necessary tasks. There are some tasks in different areas that should be carried out with a joint effort. Other officials should cooperate in accomplishing them. I hope that in cooperation with one another, you will accomplish great feats.

Greetings be upon you and God’s Mercy and blessings.